SLOTKER® Etiquette & Commentary

SLOTKER® was designed to be a socially fun and friendly game to play, with a lot of player interaction.

Players should make their cards easy for all others to see, and are encouraged to discuss their cards with the other players, as their hands evolve.

SLOTKER® may be the funnest card game created in a long time. Maybe even the funnest card game ever! (We wonder if “funnest” is even a real word.)

SLOTKER® games were also designed so that there will be times with no winner, and simulates a progressively-increasing slot-machine payout. But there will always be a winner, and soon!

Just like hitting three BARs on a slot machine in the casino, there will be those surprising hands that win with long odds. Like someone hitting their third KING or third BAR, over someone drawing for the most common card… a LEMON.

SLOTKER® was also designed, with different levels of risk for each of the games.

For example, SLOTKER® Infinite Reels® may be the best game as a pot builder, with more contributions to the pot required from each player. SLOTKER® Six Shooter® is a fast-paced game that often results in a winner in a single round, but requires additional contributions to the pot when there is not a winner. And Cherries-go-Round®, requires only one ante and will almost always result in an immediate winner.

We use a $1 ante as an example in our rules for SLOTKER® games, although you’re free to play with no ante at all, or even one cent.

While we’ve provided rules for each game, you’re free to modify the rules to your liking. You can even create your own games. For example, instead of Cherries-go-Round®, you could make the game “Oranges-go-Round.”

In 4-Card SLOTKER® or 5-Card SLOTKER®, you could make the game an equivalent to Poker Jacks or Better, and play for “Oranges or Better,” in which three LEMONs and three CHERRIES become the equivalent to BLANKS on slot machine reels.

You could also play a game, called “eLEMONation®,” (which we decided not to add in our nine flagship games),in which any players having been dealt three LEMONs are eliminated from the current round of any of the SLOTKER® games.

Although we provide tons of information and details on our website, about our playing cards, games, and rules, all of our SLOTKER® games have been designed to be very simple, easy, fast, and fun to learn and play.

The “secret sauce” to our games is in our unique slot-machine symbol distributions and the simplicity in the many ways you can play SLOTKER® playing cards.

Once you get hold of your own deck of  SLOTKER® playing cards, and play some of our games, you might ask, why hasn’t a game like this been created before? Well, now it has been.

And you can easily make up your own games. The possibilities are virtually endless!