SLOTKER® Slot-Machine Symbol Distribution:

Based on a standard 52-card deck of poker playing cards, SLOTKER® has integrated six classic slot-machine symbols throughout the deck, in different quantities, thus establishing the rank of each slot-machine symbol.

There are 5 cards with BARs, 6 cards with BELLs, 8 with PLUMs, 10 with Oranges, 11 with CHERRIES, and 12 with LEMONs… for a total of 52 cards.

The quantities of each SLOTKER® slot-machine symbol and their distribution across poker card values have been strategically defined and assigned so that 3-of-a-kind poker hand rankings make a smooth and logical extension on top of all 3-of-a-kind slot symbol rankings, as you can see in: SLOTKER® Hand Rankings

SLOTKER® slot-machine symbols have also been arranged, so that there can be no ties between multiple players holding the same three slot-machine symbols. For example, if two or three players each have three LEMONs, the highest-ranking 3-card poker hand, associated with each respective players’ three LEMONs, determines the winning hand.

Furthermore, 3-card poker hands, associated with any three matching slot-machine symbols, are limited to flushes, straights, pairs and high-card hands, AND USE STANDARD 5-CARD AND 7-CARD POKER HAND RANKINGS in which flushes beat straights.

Also, when playing 3-of-a-kind poker hands, from three Deuces up to three Aces, the suits and slot-machine symbols are not relevant.

In the following six charts, you can see how each slot-machine symbol has been distributed throughout the deck.