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As with anything new and exciting in the world of card games, we want to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about SLOTKER®.

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Welcome to the World of SLOTKER®!

SLOTKER® is a brand-new kind of card game, that gives players the fast action and fun of playing 3-reel slots, while using the poker card values as 3-card poker hands, using standard poker hand rankings.


The goal of most SLOTKER® card games is to make your best 3-of-a-kind hand with either poker card values (above the card suits) or slot machine symbols (below the card suits).

Three-card poker card hands (such as three Deuces or three Queens) outrank and beat all three-card slot machine symbols (such as three CHERRIES or three BELLs). But most winning hands will consist of three matching slot machine symbols.

ALL CARDS ARE DEALT FACE UP, for all players to see, just as you can watch people playing slot machines at the casino. This generates a lot of fun interaction between players, and depending on which SLOTKER® game you are playing, seeing which cards the other players have been dealt, this can help you make choices when you have the opportunity to discard one of your cards for a replacement, or when you have the opportunity to receive additional cards from the dealer.

When two or more players are tied with the same three-matching slot machine symbols, the winner is determined with the higher-ranked 3-card poker hand associated with those three matching slot machine symbols – and this is when the poker suits are used, when making a 3-card flush to beat a 3-card straight, one-pair or a high-card hand.

SLOTKER® playing cards are based on a standard 52-card deck of poker cards in which each poker card value is combined with one of six different classic-and-familiar slot machine symbols: LEMONs, CHERRIES, ORANGEs, PLUMs, BELLs and BARs.

The slot machine symbols are ranked by the quantity of each slot symbol in the deck while the poker card values are ranked by their numerical values. And the rankings of slot machine symbols make a smooth and logical transition up, into poker card rankings.

There’s never been a deck of playing cards like SLOTKER®.

We use high-quality card stock, made in USA – textured, sturdy, higher quality weight with a playing card coating specially formulated for slip and durability. The look and feel of the cards, front and back, are very pleasing and come packaged in a very nice “soft touch” playing card tuck box.

The games are very fast and easy to learn and to play, and we highlight our 9 favorite games you can play with SLOTKER® playing cards.

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Our Flagship Games

While there are many ways to play SLOTKER® card games, our original 3 flagship games are as follows…

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