SLOTKER® was invented by Gregg Ostrick from New Orleans, a retired DJ, computer programmer, lifelong poker player and occasional slots player. The games were created and developed in 2022, and the games and website were published and released in February 2023.

Using a deck of SLOTKER® playing cards, SLOTKER® slot-machine games can be played concurrently with any standard poker game, using different combinations of slot-machine symbols to win progressive jackpot payouts or prizes. (See our Poker + Jackpots” page)

SLOTKER®‘s main games are played like a slot machine, with the goal of making the best 3-of-a-kind (poker-or-slots) hand, with poker hands ranked higher that slot-symbol hands.

Poker-card values are combined with their slot-machine symbols, so that when there are two or more players tied with the same three slot-machine symbols, the three poker card values associated with the three-matching slot symbols are used as a 3-card poker hand to determine the winner.

Just like with a slot machine, a winner is not guaranteed on any one hand or round of hands, thereby simulating an increasing progressive slots payout.

Presenting our nine flagship SLOTKER® games:

  • 3-Card SLOTKER®
  • 4-Card SLOTKER®
  • 5-Card SLOTKER®
  • SLOTKER® Infinite Reels®
  • SLOTKER® Straight to the BAR®
  • SLOTKER® Six Shooter®
  • SLOTKER® Cherries-go-Round®
  • SLOTKER® Who’s on Third?®
  • SLOTKER® Solitaire (Single or Multiplayer)

Certainly, there are many ways SLOTKER® cards can be played, only limited by the boundaries of one’s imagination.

Standard poker games, such as 5-card draw or 7-card stud can also be played with SLOTKER® playing cards, while players can compete to win jackpots or other prizes for making different combinations of slot-machine symbols.