5-Card SLOTKER® – RULES (2 to 8 players)

5-Card SLOTKER® is played like 4-Card SLOTKER®, but each player is dealt five cards, instead of four.


* The cards are shuffled.

* All players ante 1 chip to the pot.

* Players are then dealt five cards face up.

* Any player with at least two matching poker card values (above the card suits) or two matching slot machine symbols (below the card suits) may discard one card and will be dealt a replacement card from the dealer.

* The player with the highest-ranking hand, with three matching poker card values or three matching slot-machine symbols, wins the pot, and a new round begins.

* If two or more players are tied with the same 3-matching slot-machine symbols, the player with the highest-ranking 3-card poker hand, associated with their three-matching slot-machine symbols, wins the pot.

* If no player has made any 3-of-a-kind hand, then all players contribute another chip to the pot, and a new round is dealt, with players competing for a progressively-increasing pot.

5-Card SLOTKER® – FYI:

Just as with 4-Card SLOTKER®, even if a player has been dealt three matching slot machine symbols, a player can still discard one card for a replacement card from the dealer, hoping to make a stronger or much-higher ranking 3-of-a-kind hand, with more possibilities, making 5-Card SLOTKER® more thought-provoking and interesting.

FOR THE FASTEST ACTION AND MOST FUN, no reshuffle is required after each round of hands, as long as there are enough cards remaining in the deck to deal each player three cards plus a replacement card. While this may eliminate some combinations that could be made, this may also add some advantages for the players who can remember certain cards that have been previously played.