SLOTKER® Poker + Jackpots

Because SLOTKER® playing cards are based on a standard 52-card-deck of poker cards, SLOTKER® cards can be used to play any standard poker game, such as 5-card stud, 5-card draw poker, 7-card stud, Texas Hold ’em and even Omaha.

While playing standard poker games, the BAR slot-machine symbols on SLOTKER®

  • $1 is taken from each pot, and is set aside in a separate stack (or perhaps in a jar), and reserved for any player having been dealt three cards with BARs.
  • After a player has received three BARs in their poker hand, and once the player shows their three BAR jackpot cards, the accumulated jackpot reserve can be paid to the jackpot winner.
  • After a jackpot has been paid, a new progressive 3-BAR jackpot can begin again, starting with $1 from the next pot and round of poker hands.

Whichever standard poker game is being played, it is not necessary for a player to call any bets or raises, in order to win the progressive slot-machine jackpot.

If a player wishes to fold their poker hand, at any point, and if that player is already holding a winning 3-BAR jackpot hand, that player may declare himself or herself to be the winner of the progressive jackpot, but should not expose their cards until action of the current poker hand has been concluded, thus “protecting” the other players’ poker hands.

In this situation, once a player verbally declares their hand as being folded, that poker hand is considered dead. The dealer may (optionally) touch the muck with the cards being folded, to “officially” kill the hand, allowing the player to hold on to their “folded” cards, and once the current poker hand has concluded, the winning progressive slot-machine hand may be exposed, and the progressive jackpot can be paid to the winner.

When playing Texas Hold’em or Omaha, it is possible for two players to “have” 3 BARS, in the event when each player holds one BAR, as one of their hole cards, with two BARS appearing in the 5 community cards.

But there can only be one winner of the two, and that would be the player holding the BAR card with the higher-ranking poker card. For example: one player holding the BAR-6-of-Clubs would beat a player holding the BAR-2-of-Spades.

Furthermore, a winning progressive jackpot hand in Texas hold’em or Omaha, requires at least one of the BARs to be held in the player’s hole cards.


If you are managing a progressive jackpot that has not been won, and if you don’t want to carry it over to another session or another day, you can deal out a SLOTKER™ instant-payoff jackpot game.

The dealer shuffles the deck and deals one card to each player.

If no player has been dealt a BAR card, the dealer deals another card to each player. Repeat, until one or more players have been dealt a BAR card.

If only one player has been dealt a BAR card, that player wins the jackpot.

If two or more players have been dealt a BAR card, the poker high card determines the winner, such as a player holding the BAR-Ace-of-Diamonds would beat a player holding the BAR-10-of-Hearts.


Just as playing for a progressive 3-BAR jackpot in any standard poker game, a jackpot can be run concurrently with any of the SLOTKER®

In addition to winning the main pot with three-matching slot-machine symbols, a player can also win the money in the jackpot reserve, if that player’s three symbols happen to be three BARs.