SLOTKER® Cherries-go-Round® RULES (2 to 8 players)

Cherries-Go-Round® is another fast and easy game to play!


* The cards are shuffled.

* All players ante 1 chip to the pot.

* All players are then dealt 6 cards face up.

* The player with the most CHERRIES wins the pot.

* When two or more players are tied with the same number of CHERRIES, the highest-ranking poker card in the CHERRIES determines the winner.

* In the unlikely event no player has been dealt any CHERRIES, players then contribute another chip to the pot and a new hand is dealt, with players competing for a progressively-increasing pot.

Cherries-Go-Round® – FYI:

Cherries-Go-Round® is not a 3-card game, so instead of using a 3-card poker hand, a tie between players having the same number of cards with CHERRIES, a player would use their highest-ranking poker card with CHERRIES to determine the winner.

In Cherries-Go-Round®, there is a possibility of a tie, although very unlikely. This can happen when only two players have been dealt one card with CHERRIES – when one player has been dealt the CHERRIES-4-of-Hearts and another player having been dealt the CHERRIES-4-of-Diamonds. In this case, the two players could either split the pot or have a 2-player playoff, by discarding their cards and each of the two players receiving a new hand of six cards.